Prize for cultural heritage

Leona König wins the award for cultural heritage for Austrians of the year

As founder of the Goldene Note music award and the International Music Foundation, Leona König has been promoting highly talented young musicians on a voluntary basis since 2016. The focus of her work with her foundation is to search, find, promote and support the children in the form of master classes, auditions and concerts in a long run. In doing so, she makes an important contribution to the future of the cultural heritage of classical music, especially in the city of music: Vienna. For this she has now been awarded in the category cultural heritage by Austria 20 – Austrians of the Year!

Statement by Leona König:

“I am very happy that I won the award and I want to thank all the parents and children and everyone who gave me their vote. It is an important signal and also a great motivation to continue working for the young talented Austrian musicians. Especially because this award is not only an award for me, but above all an award for the stars of the future.”